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From Implementation to Rollout - 5 Steps to Success: Introduction

No matter how well any solution performs in a pilot project, it’s not a success until it scales. And an alarming number of projects never do. This is the first part of our series on successful rollouts: an introduction to the problem and the conditions for success.

Prioritizing mental health at AiSight: supporting team members, supporting the team

As part of our commitment to quality of life at work, AiSight is proud to announce a new partnership with Mindsurance. Together, we're providing mental healthcare services to our team members. Mental health can be a serious barrier to well-being and quality of life, both in and out of work.

Awarding AiSight: a Great Place to Work certified workplace and kununu's Top Company two years running

AiSight has received the kununu Top Company award twice and is officially certified as a Great Place to Work! These awards are evidence of the hard work and dedication of AiSight's team, and our commitment to creating a positive workplace culture of trust, transparency, and employee engagement.

Maximale Anlagenverfügbarkeit für die Zellstoff- und Papierindustrie

Dieser Blogartikel beschäftigt sich mit der aktuellen Frage, warum Ausfallzeiten von Anlagen in der Zellstoff- und Papierindustrie derzeit so kritisch sind und beschreibt darüber hinaus die Vorteile gesteigerter Anlagenverfügbarkeit.

Sigrid Walzl

Technical writer