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Supporting women in technology: AiSight hosts the first Berlin event of Girls in Tech

On Last week on Thursday 15th July, AiSight opened its office doors to the public after a very long time, to host an event organized together with Girls in Tech Berlin, a global non-profit organization focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment of women in technology.

What you missed on the first GiTxAiSight event

We hosted over 50 young women who were both experienced professionals as well as young students that are considering their career in tech. Everybody was absolutely thrilled to meet so many talented individuals - some of them aerospace, mechanical, software engineers, data scientists, PhDs, AI experts, but also women working on the business side of tech. And even a licensed commercial pilot (!). The girls arriving at the event were welcomed by the AiSight women (Frances Völkel, HR and Event Manager, Ouafa Hachem, Data Scientist, Cecilia Proietti, Marketing Manager, and Marcela Mogilska, BizDev Manager, who is part of Girls in Tech and setup the event) with food and drinks. Then the event proceeded with a presentation by the GiT team (Heidi Gaudet, Alessia Cheng, Karin Feistel and Emilija Kieraite), who introduced Girls in Tech Berlin to the audience, and the greetings of Matthias Auf der Mauer, co-Founder and CEO of AiSight, who presented the company. We spent the rest of the evening talking about the technology that AiSight is developing, getting to know our guests, and even talking about career opportunities at AiSight with some of them. In fact, AiSight is currently hiring for many different roles and having many talented individuals around the office was also a great chance to invite them to apply.

Having in mind the fact that the gender gap in tech companies is still significant, it was very refreshing to see so much interest, especially among young students.

The Girls in Tech event at the AiSight office

"It was an honor to host such an inspiring event with so many incredibly talented people. We at AiSight strongly believe that the low numbers of women working in the tech industry is a huge issue and the industry could benefit from a change. GiT is a great and effective initiative to tackle this issue, which is why we are more than happy to support it."  - Matthias Auf der Mauer, Co-founder and CEO of AiSight

Who is Girls in Tech

Girls in Tech is a global non-profit organization focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment of women in technology, and they are just launching a new chapter in the German capital.

The organization provides members with educational programs, career support, and access to the tools and resources they need to thrive in tech. In Berlin, they organize monthly events where members can not only network, talk about technology and career but also socialize and make new friends.  

"We are so happy that AiSight let us host our first event in their space, it was such a success we had so many intelligent and talented women in one amazing space!” - Heidi Gaudet, Co-managing director at Girls in Tech

The Girls in Tech Berlin Team

Some of the programs they offer:

Bootcamps: workshops that train participants with practical and relevant skills they can apply immediately and directly to the workplace.
Global Classroom: a free online program that teaches people the technical skills they need to pursue careers in tech. Courses are taught multiple times throughout the year by experts, and cover everything from web design, to app development to 3D modeling.
Masterclasses: a series of one-hour online presentations from experts with deep expertise in their field. Spanning a wide range of topics, classes are hosted by Girls in Tech and led by industry professionals.
Webinar series: A one-hour online educational presentation designed for professionals of all levels. Presented by experts, webinar topics include various areas of professional development, including public speaking, leadership and communication.

If you would like to get in touch with Girls in Tech, and be a member of their organization, you can reach out to them at berlinvolunteers@girlsintech.org. To stay posted about the next great events you can follow them on their official SM channels [LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram]

And if you are a woman in tech looking for a new opportunity, AiSight is hiring!

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