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AiSight’s Quality of Life at Work – a shared goal

Teamwork is important at AiSight. That’s why we want to ensure a great quality of life for every member of our team. Discover the benefits of quality of life at work, and the measures we take to secure it.

There is no great company without a great team! Working at AiSight is proof of it; having fun while working together is very important to us. And it’s not just us; studies confirm that employees are much more productive when they are in an environment where they feel relaxed and connected with their colleagues.

Better Together

A team that sets goals together stays together–and stays strong. In workplaces where employees don't even know their colleagues, they’ll never know what they are working on. That makes a space where people can only work independently and only think about their own priorities. The benefits of collaboration are lost in this environment.

Knowing what our team members are working on means we can set goals as a unit, unite behind higher priorities, and think together. It also makes the workplace a respectful place for everyone. When we feel supported by others on the team, we become stronger—not just as a unit, but individually.

All for One and One for All

At AiSight, we want all the benefits of teamwork. It works for us, and it should work for every team member too, which in turn works for us. It’s a positive feedback loop! To keep it rolling, we offer benefits with flexibility and personal well-being in mind.

Having a healthy mind means having a healthy life: doing sports, eating healthy food, and staying hydrated. We encourage our team by offering active-lifestyle options in our benefits pool, including Urban Sports Club and bikes, and we always offer healthy snacks in the office.

In support of a healthy work-life balance, we also make working from home an option. This flexibility means you can spend more time with your family, dog, or just around the house. We’ve found that this also results in improved employee performance.

Today, more than ever, taking care of our team is more than just clever and compassionate management. It’s a necessity. This goes back to the onset of the corona pandemic in early 2020.

The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation was a period of significant worker resignations in 2020 and 2021. Resignations by employees between the ages 30 and 45 (known as the Millennial generation) increased by over 20%. Previously, Generation Z (20-25 years) had the highest turnover rates, but during this period Millennials out-resigned their younger colleagues.

Why did this happen? Did it have something to do with quality of life at work? The causes are manifold and interrelated. Many people began to question their lifestyle at their workplace. In most companies, when corona hit, people were forced to step back and take a break from work. But some companies weren’t able to arrange remote work. People began to see a new reality of work-life balance emerge. They could spend more time with their families, or even working on their own projects.

Once people started quitting their jobs, they started to look at companies that really cared about their employees. There’s more to this than just working from home: these were workplaces where they could really interact with their colleagues, where they could feel comfortable exposing their ideas and receiving feedback, where everyone could improve themselves.

The New Normal

Today, job seekers have thousands of possibilities to choose from. Finding these candidates may not be so difficult, but every employer would be wise to understand that long-term retention is key.

As workers, our employers really matter to us. It’s important that they let us know that we’re all part of a team.  At AiSight, we take many measures to unite our team, including regular team events, to keep us united even as we enjoy the benefits of working from home. We also strive for a workplace that feels like home, with regular dog visitors, plus a soccer table, for moments when you need a little break to free your mind.

Does this sound like the kind of place you’d like to work? We’d love to hear from you! Take a look at our job openings here.

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