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Team Events 2021 @ AiSight

Being part of a great team is just one of the many benefits of working at AiSight. We don’t take our team for granted—that’s why we host monthly team events! Here’s a summary of our events so far in 2021.

At AiSight it’s important that we regularly strengthen our team’s motivation and cohesion. At the same time, we want to encourage exchanges outside of work to ensure a better and more pleasant working atmosphere.

What could be better suited to this than team events?!

In 2021, we’ve already held a lot of great team events. At the beginning of the year these were only remote events, but towards summer we were able to spend more and more time together in real life, besides work.

Of course, we have also adhered to the country-specific Corona guidelines here.

To give you an idea of what we’ve already done, here’s a brief review of our past events:

February 2021: Solve the Mystery Escape Room

Engineers by day, archaeologists by night. In February, we attended a virtual escape room and worked as a team to solve a mystery! Our goal was to find the true origin of the cursed skull and return it before it was too late!
Spoiler: Of course we made it. ;)

The AiSight Team after getting out of the virtual escape room

March 2021: Online Games Night

Our game-based, team-building events continued: In March we had a virtual game night, starting with a game of Scattergories, then a Pixel Recreation Challenge!

In Scattergories, a random letter is picked and you have to fill predefined categories with words starting with the picked letter. In the second game, we had to recreate an image based on a color-formatted spreadsheet. And what could be better as a template than a unicorn? This really challenged our inner artists!

The AiSight team members trying to draw with pixels

April 2021: Online Games Night 2.0

You can already guess what we did in April? Right—we got online-game-night fever. Of course it turned into another evening with virtual games.

This time we played Gartic Phone (aka the Telephone Game or Stille Post), but instead of just whispering what we understood, we had to draw a sentence someone else wrote and then interpret other people's drawings. What a fun night!

Our performance during one of the rounds: from Crazy child in a Safari to Thor

May 2021: 'no Spain no Game' The Fabulous Game!

Game Night!!! Nothing new to you, we know. But this time organized externally, and with a slight learning curve. We played a virtual game called "No Spain no Game", in which we had to do some scavenger hunts, answer some true-or-false and trivia questions, and we even had to dress up a bit for some photo challenges.

At the same time we got to learn a lot about Barcelona, Spain in general, in a very fun way.

The AiSight team members committing to the game with costumes and tools

June 2021: Finally. A Personal Get-together Again

After months of communicating almost exclusively via the screen (some of us hadn't had a chance to meet some of the teammates at all), we met again, in real life, for the first time, in June. We went to the Holzmarkt Berlin, where we toasted our team and the get-together, and ate dinner together. There is nothing better than spending an evening with beer, pizza, and great colleagues..

Our first in person events after months

July 2021: Cooking Party

In our July team event, we met up for an Asian-food-themed night. We cooked dumplings, summer rolls, and other delicious asian specialties. (Thank you to our BizDev Manager Marcela for hosting this in your awesome kitchen.) We were all amazed at how many great chefs there are among our colleagues.

AiSight team members cooking at our team-building event
AiSight cooking party (photos by ig: @primadoribeiro)

August 2021: Artnight “Sommer, Sonne, Kaktus”

We have always thought that there were some hidden artistic skills in the AiSight team, but no one expected this. In August, we hosted the "Artnight" workshop by Realtainment, in our office. Each team member was provided with a canvas and some colors. Under the guidance of an instructor, they created wonderful paintings under the theme "Sommer Sonne Kaktus" (or Space Plants, as we called it :D).

AiSight team members painting at HR event
The team and their artworks

September 2021: Partytime!!

In September, AiSight turned 3 years old. To celebrate, our September event was a big birthday party. Everything that belongs at an incredibly cool party was there: a photo box with props, a dance floor with 3 DJs, a huge cake, a great buffet and drinks, a chill-out area with a tattoo and glitter station, and much more.

Photos from the AiSight birthday party
Snippets from the 3rd AiSight birthday party (photos by ig: @primadoribeiro)

The year is slowly coming to an end, but we still have great ideas and plans in store for how to spend a great time together over the next few months.

Stay tuned for a photo walk, our Christmas party 2021, and many other great events.

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And by the way: We are hiring! So if you want to be part of our next team event, take a look at our open positions and apply 👇🏻

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