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A Hardware Startup’s Path to Getting a CE Mark

Getting a CE mark is a big step for any hardware startup. But what is a CE mark? Why is it so important? And what did we do to get certification for our predictive maintenance sensors?

Carl Meiser x AiSight: Digitalisierung der textilherstellenden und -verarbeitenden Industrie

Customer Success Story: Als uns Jens Meiser von der Carl Meiser GmbH & Co. KG kontaktierte, war die Wartungsstrategie im Unternehmen noch nicht digitalisiert

Carl Meiser x AiSight: digitizing the textile manufacturing and processing industry

Customer Success Story: When Jens Meiser from Carl Meiser GmbH & Co. KG contacted us, the company's maintenance strategy had not yet been digitized..

Supporting women in technology: AiSight hosts the first Berlin event of Girls in Tech

On Last week on Thursday 15th July, AiSight opened its office doors to the public after a very long time, to host an event organized together with Girls in Tech Berlin, a global non-profit organization focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment of women in technology.