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AiSight Onboarding: From Preparation to Validation

Do you want to know what it takes to start reducing unplanned downtime with AiSight? Our onboarding process is straightforward; you’ll start finding faults and reducing downtime in a matter of weeks. Read on to learn more.

AiSight’s Quality of Life at Work – a shared goal

Teamwork is important at AiSight. That’s why we want to ensure a great quality of life for every member of our team. Discover the benefits of quality of life at work, and the measures we take to secure it.

Webinar Recap: Reducing Production Risks with Intelligent Sensors - the Value-added Upshot of Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance plays a comprehensive role in the future of risk management. Find out how in this recap of our webinar, Reducing Production Risks with Intelligent Sensors, a collaboration between AiSight and Funk Beyond Insurance.

Team Events 2021 @ AiSight

Being part of a great team is just one of the many benefits of working at AiSight. We don’t take our team for granted—that’s why we host monthly team events! Here’s a summary of our events so far in 2021.