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Carl Meiser x AiSight: digitizing the textile manufacturing and processing industry

Customer Success Story: When Jens Meiser from Carl Meiser GmbH & Co. KG contacted us, the company's maintenance strategy had not yet been digitized..

Supporting women in technology: AiSight hosts the first Berlin event of Girls in Tech

On Last week on Thursday 15th July, AiSight opened its office doors to the public after a very long time, to host an event organized together with Girls in Tech Berlin, a global non-profit organization focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment of women in technology.

Microchip shortage: how it started and its impact on Predictive Maintenance.

The fact that the microchip shortage crisis is now known to private consumers too gives us an idea of the scope of this event. As a company developing a Predictive Maintenance solution based on sensors, we rely on microchips a lot. Here's how we reacted to the crisis.

Predictive Maintenance und Digital Twins – Science Fiction oder Wirklichkeit?

Mithilfe von Sensoren und neuen Software-Lösungen können Unternehmen bereits heute einen digitalen Zwilling ihrer Maschinen erstellen. Doch lässt sich ein Digital Twin wirklich umsetzen? Und lohnt sich das auch für den Mittelstand?