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Awarding AiSight: a Great Place to Work certified workplace and kununu's Top Company two years running

AiSight has received the kununu Top Company award twice and is officially certified as a Great Place to Work! These awards are evidence of the hard work and dedication of AiSight's team, and our commitment to creating a positive workplace culture of trust, transparency, and employee engagement.

At AiSight, employee experience and cultural values are a top priority. Last year, we went through a growth phase, scaling over a very short period and investing significant time in onboarding new team members and ensuring they feel valued and included. It's not always been easy, but we now have proof that we've been doing the right thing: awards from kununu and Great Place to Work!

One of AiSight´s most important values is collaboration & communication. To help everyone improve together, we encourage all team members to provide feedback and present their ideas. The results speak for themselves—and so do the awards.

At the end of 2022, kununu awarded AiSight with one of its Top Companies of the Year designations. Kununu is a professionally operated platform where employees can rate their employer anonymously AiSight has been awarded Top Company by kununu twice, in 2022 and 2023. This certification already means a lot to us, but we haven't taken it for granted. Instead, we've studied how other companies perform as Top Employers, set benchmarks for our own performance, and become even better.

Thanks to these measures, and following in the steps of our parent company, Sensirion, we've achieved official certification as a Great Place to Work®.

The awards received by AiSight are not just symbolic—they're based on rigorous employee surveys that measure engagement and satisfaction with the company and its culture. This proved that AiSight is in fact a great place to work! We are proud to have earned their certification –another sign that we're doing things right! 🎉

What is Great Place to Work certification?

Great Place to work puts it best themselves:

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Founded by business journalists Robert Levering and Milton Moskowitz, we are built on the belief that great employee experiences are better for people, for business and for the world.
We’ve been listening to employee voices for over 40 years, and it’s helped us to determine what makes a truly great place to work. Through employee surveys and our For All™ methodology, Certification™ and our Best Workplaces™ lists, we recognize what organizations are doing right and help them to continually improve. Part of a global organization, we apply data and insights from millions of employees working in around 10,000 organizations across the world every year to benchmark individual performance.

-Great Place to Work

How does it work and what do they measure?

Through their Trust Index Survey model, applied to a specific duration, Great Place to Work collects data on the following topics:

  1. Credibility
  2. Fairness
  3. Respect
  4. Camaraderie
  5. Pride

This survey is a standardized questionnaire, made up of 67 closed and three open-ended questions. Employers can also add company-specific questions, or questions on current events.

This survey is based on the Great Place to Work model: a Great Place to Work FOR ALL®. This presents a three-dimensional model of good workplaces, shaped by employee trust in employers, pride in what employees do, and team spirit. Trust itself is shaped in three dimensions: credibility, respect, and fairness. The model also considers leadership effectiveness, corporate values, and “innovation BY ALL”. Effective leaders guide employees in achieving the goals of their companies. “Innovation BY ALL” cultures involve employees in innovation to facilitate the flexible introduction and quick implementation of new ideas.

How AiSight performed based in our team members’ answers:

92% of employees agreed or fully agreed with the statement: "Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work."

  • 88% of employees provided positive or very positive answers to all statements.

AiSight's commitment to employee experience and maintaining our company's cultural values has paid off! These awards are proof that the company is on the right track and continually striving to be even better. The awards received by AiSight reflect the company's commitment to creating a workplace that values its employees and fosters a culture of trust, transparency, and engagement.

Congratulations to everyone on the team at AiSight for their well-deserved achievements!