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Carl Meiser x AiSight: digitizing the textile manufacturing and processing industry

Customer Success Story: When Jens Meiser from Carl Meiser GmbH & Co. KG contacted us, the company's maintenance strategy had not yet been digitized..

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About 10 to 15 years ago, the company relied on a reactive maintenance strategy: Maintenance and repair work was only ever carried out when a machine failed.

This method led to a lot of unplanned downtime, so Carl Meiser GmbH & Co. KG began to study machine behavior on its own. Excel sheets were kept with operating times and machine performance to identify and analyze patterns in case failures occurred.

Even though this approach was an improvement over the previous strategy, machine failures were still being identified in their later stage, which put a great burden on the maintenance staff. Therefore, Jens Meiser was looking for a new solution and decided to digitalize their maintenance strategy.


Name: Carl Meiser GmbH&Co.KG

Location: Albstadt in the Swabian Alps in Baden Württemberg

Industry: Production of technical textiles, coating, textile processing

Use cases: motors, pumps, blowers, gearboxes, fans and roller bearings

Installation and results

The installation of the Aion sensors took place on Thursday and Friday October 15 and 16, 2020. When the maintenance team logged into the dashboard the next Monday, not only were all the sensors online, but some of the machines were already showing signs of malfunction. In particular, one of the machines was found to have bearing damage on the electric motor connected to the blower ...to keep reading download the full case study.

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