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How We Work Together - Team Structure at AiSight

AiSight owes its success to the role-players on the specialized teams that make up the greater AiSight team. Find out how we work together, collaborating within and between teams, to contribute our best.

We have a clear goal at AiSight: eliminating unplanned downtime. It’s a complicated problem. If we could eliminate it with stern words, we would have. It doesn’t listen. So, we adopted a more robust approach, drawing on the diverse talents and skills of an amazing team.

AiSight is a team of specialists—the combined product of our specialized work is the realization of our solution. If you’re a specialist who wants to work at AiSight, we want to hear from you. To give you an idea of how your skills will fit within the structure of the broader team, we’ve prepared this article.

Team AiSight is comprised of four sub-teams: R&D, growth, operations, and admin. Each performs different functions, but each is essential to the function of the company as a whole.

R&D (Hardware and Software)

Within R&D, we have teams developing the hardware and software sides of our solution.

Our Aion sensors are the bedrock upon which everything else at AiSight stands. Our hardware team has equipped each Aion with a triaxial vibration sensor, a magnetic field sensor, and a temperature sensor. All in a sleek package that mounts with magnets and connects to our dashboard through Wi-Fi.

This group of designers and engineers takes care of our sensor’s external appearance, functionality, and firmware. You can find out more about the quality work our hardware team has done here—everything from navigating chip shortages, to developing our own sensors in house, from the ground up.

Meanwhile, our software developers are a team of bona fide magicians. They make sure that the data from the sensors is accessible to our customers in real time, via our dashboard. The dashboard interprets sensor readings for our customers' consumption, and issues alerts when things go wrong—all in a browser-based package.

Software team members work in data science, coding, and cloud applications. Besides developing the software that makes our system so powerful and intuitive, this team is also involved in the initial analysis phase of our onboarding process. This is the moment of truth—not only does predictive maintenance become a reality, we're able to detect preexisting problems in machines.

You can read more about our onboarding process here.

Growth (Sales, Customer Success, Business Development, Marketing)

Our growth team is responsible for connecting our solution with those who need it. They bring automated machine diagnostics to industry.

Our sales colleagues help our customers find the solutions that meets their needs. Not only do they introduce our solution to customers, they communicate what customers need back to the team, so that we can tailor our solution to fit. That means that these team members are databanks of knowledge on our solution—anything customers need to know, sales is prepared to tell them.

While sales team members specialize in contact and education, our customer success team members are there for the duration of our customers’ time using AiSight’s solution—as much a part of the customer's team as our own. This includes every step of our relationship, from the validation phase to company-wide rollout. That means these team members also work closely with software and operations during the onboarding phase. Whatever our customers need, their customer success team member can deliver.

Meanwhile, our business development team builds up strategic partnerships. This strengthens our network in industry, making sure not only that customers find what they need in us, but that we can find what we need in others.

Finally, our marketing team shapes our brand identity. This sweeping act of communication includes work on our website, social media, and all other brand-related content. Their goal: to inform choices. That means that everyone approaching AiSight does so knowing exactly who AiSight is.


Once our customers have chosen to use our solution, our operations team springs into action. This team is also a key part of the onboarding process we mentioned earlier—their job is to install and integrate our system in customers’ facilities. This means mounting sensors, connecting power, and setting up the connections to monitor the sensors.

Our operations team works every day to ensure that both logistics and installations run smoothly. The result: customers get what they need, where they need it—and it all works. Thanks to them, we can proudly offer a perfect customer experience.

Admin (HR, Recruiting, Office-Management, Finance)

This team supports all the other teams in a variety of specialized ways.

Our HR colleagues take care of our team members. This includes recruiting—bringing new, great, and talented colleagues to AiSight. At the same time, they’re around to encourage and support everyone. That's how we all get the best out of our career paths.

Our office managers’ vision is to make the office as pleasant as possible. They perform all kinds of tasks that the rest of us couldn’t function without. Think of coffee in superhero form.

Finally, our finance team supports AiSight's rapid and sustainable growth. They make data-driven decisions to secure our team’s financial health. Thanks to them we even get paid!

Would you be an asset in any one of the above teams? Take a look at our openings here. If you’d like to know more about applying to work at AiSight, we have an article for that too. Or, why not get started? Send us an application. We’d love to hear from you.

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