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Sensirion – AiSight workshops: learning together – uniting the team

AiSight and Sensirion Connected Solutions team members share expertise through regular team workshops. Plus, these are great opportunities for our teammates to travel and grow. Read on to learn more!

As a part of Sensirion Connected Solutions (SCS), AiSight has deep ties to our partners at Sensirion. That entails a relationship of mutual benefit—for both teams and all of our team members. One way we realize those benefits is through Sensirion – AiSight workshops. These forums for sharing expertise and vision are a vital part of developing the futures of our and our partners’ products and brands. Plus, they're great opportunities for professional growth for everyone involved!

In our article on Sensirion – AiSight teammate exchanges, we looked at the benefits of individual teammate exchanges. Teammate exchanges are great for building personal and cultural connections between AiSight and Sensirion. When we work together as teammates, we get to know and understand each other as teammates.

Workshops also connect us with our teammates at Sensirion and other SCS teams.

But workshops are also how we share knowledge and plan future developments. To understand how this works, and how it's beneficial for AiSight teammates, it's worth taking a deeper look at the relationship between Sensirion and AiSight—at Sensirion-AiSight product synergies, and our connection through SCS to other product brands.

Making better sensors: why AiSight and Sensirion work together

In our teammate exchange article, we looked at the cultural compatibilities between Sensirion and AiSight. Gaining Sensirion's expert guidance while still being able to maintain our startup hustle has been invaluable. But Sensirion's acquisition of AiSight was also motivated by concrete benefits for both teams.

From our side, we stood to benefit from Sensirion's expertise in sensor development and production, international sales channels, and established markets in multiple industries. In return, we could provide our own expertise in software and algorithm development—a direction Sensirion had long wanted to take their business.

Now that we're working together, we realize those benefits through workshops. Since last summer, we've run workshops to connect AiSight and Sensirion growth teams and strategies.

Growth workshops – connecting AiSight and SCS, connecting with our customers

Last summer, we dedicated three workshops to branding. This was important work for defining AiSight’s role in SCS, deciding both who we would be individually, and who we would be together. The first two workshops brought our marketing and communications teammates from SCS to the AiSight office in Berlin, for some productive strategy and brainstorming sessions with our founders and marketing team.

“I liked the dynamics and the open, easy-going attitude towards each other. Of course, you can also clearly sense the start-up spirit and I could identify many similarities with the corporate culture at Sensirion.”

-Philipp Seidel, manager marketing and communications, SCS

The third workshop brought the entire AiSight growth team to Stäfa, Switzerland for a week-long workshop. This was a truly international affair, uniting the AiSight Berlin team not only with our SCS colleagues, but with our own teammates from our US office!

Fun and growth at the growth team workshop

Over the first four days of our growth-team workshop, we worked on strategies for sales and branding in connection with SCS. This was a chance to define our customer value propositions with the benefit of Sensirion's expertise. 20 years ago, they too were a startup breaking into a new market—this is where their experience in becoming global sensor providers really became palpable!

After our daily workshop sessions, we relaxed at the Skybar or barbequed by the lake. Finally, we closed the week out with a Sensirion-wide team event: SensiWeekend! This event gave everyone the chance to connect and relax while taking in some breathtaking Swiss scenery—a win for every team member!

“It was so refreshing to meet the other colleagues in person, and to visit the Sensirion headquarters and production line. It developed this feeling of belonging and bonding as one big team.”

-André Humeres, AiSight marketing team

SCS and AiSightworkshops – building the future of connected sensor solutions

Last fall, SCS hosted a hardware workshop, bringing AiSight's hardware team to Stäfa, Switzerland, for a week of learning, connecting, and planning.

This was a fun learning opportunity for our hardware team—they got to see where our Aion sensor nodes are manufactured! They also gained some valuable perspective on R&D and automation from the experts at Sensirion. Finally, they got to know our partners on another SCS team: Nubo Sphere.

Growth Team during the SensiWeekend

What is Nubo Sphere?

SCS unites Sensirion brands that specialize in developing connected sensor solutions. As makers of a cloud-connected, AI-assisted predictive maintenance solution, AiSight is a natural fit. As are our friends at Nubo Sphere.

Nubo Sphere makes a solution that continuously and remotely monitors incidental methane emissions. Using an array of sensor nodes connected to AI, their solution can reliably determine the location and quantity of a methane leak. This makes it an effective tool for reducing emissions and meeting ESG (environmental social governance) goals in the energy sector.

AiSight's predictive maintenance solution also contributes to meeting ESG goals by reducing material waste and improving machine efficiency—and we've been making inroads into the energy sector. This hardware workshop was a big step in SCS developing the synergies between AiSight and Nubo Sphere.

Learn more about AiSight in the energy sector here.

"I appreciate the collaboration with the AiSight team in Berlin greatly. Facing similar challenges, the exchange is relevant and valuable for us to grow as an organization. Whenever there's a chance to have an onsite visit, it's apparent that culturally there are many similarities between the two teams. In any case, having the Berlin team visit us in Stäfa was great and I'm looking forward to welcoming them again."

-Nico Studer - R&D Engineer, Sensirion

Data science workshop

Our latest workshop went down last December, once again in Stäfa. This three-day trip connected our data science and engineering team with other SCS colleagues for an exchange of knowledge and ideas.

This was a special trip for this team—over half of them were recent joiners! This trip to Switzerland gave them a chance to bond with their SCS teammates while taking in the Swiss scenery and Zurich Christmas market.

The workshop was also fruitful, providing direction for future development and collaboration. That collaboration will continue in March 2023, when the entire R&D team again travels to Stäfa for the next AiSight-SCS workshop!

Growth at work – join AiSight for future SCS workshops

The collaboration made possible through SCS workshops benefits everyone, on every SCS team. These are great opportunities for learning, connecting with colleagues, and growing—both personally and professionally.

Do you crave this kind of opportunity? We're hiring!

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