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Team events – the connecting solution for team Sensirion Connected Solutions

Team events bring team members at Sensirion Connected Solutions together! These gatherings are an important part of learning, growing, and having fun at work. Read on to learn more about team events at Sensirion Connected Solutions.

Teamwork works best in strong teams. Keeping everyone on the Sensirion Connected Solutions teams connected is our team's strength! That’s why we host regular team events, bringing team members together for fun and learning in and outside of work.

The personal connections we make during team events build trust between team members, create opportunities for personal and professional growth, and remind each of us that we really belong. This makes a difference in quality of life at work! Last year, team members at Sensirion Connected Solutions Berlin rated AiSight as a great place to work, in part thanks to team events. And AiSight is now one of kununu’s top employers of 2023, and Great Place to Work certified!

Let’s look at the team events that our teammates like so much!

Remote or in person, the game is on

Remote work is now a regular part of working life. But it can be a challenge for teams: how can we get teams together if they aren’t together?

Early in 2022, still navigating the challenges of the pandemic, the People and Culture team at AiSight came up with the solution. This remote event not only brought the team together, it got us collaborating on solving a serious problem: murder.

Of course, nobody paid for our entertainment with their life. This was an online murder mystery, hosted by social-media sorcerer TheMagicMan. As we gathered and analyzed clues, we got to see each other in a different light—not just as individuals outside of work, but as detectives! And we didn't even end up having to accuse one of our own. The host was also the perpetrator!