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How We Work Together - Team Structure at AiSight

AiSight owes its success to the role-players on the specialized teams that make up the greater AiSight team. Find out how we work together, collaborating within and between teams, to contribute our best.

Revere the Requirements: The AiSight Guide to Product Development

Requirements are the lodestone that guides the development of our predictive maintenance solution. From collection to translation, validation to verification, we constantly refer back to requirements as the constant that connects concept to reality. Read on to find out why they're so important.

Miguel Angelo Sampaio

Hardware Engineer

From Implementation to Rollout - 5 Steps to Success: Introduction

No matter how well any solution performs in a pilot project, it’s not a success until it scales. And an alarming number of projects never do. This is the first part of our series on successful rollouts: an introduction to the problem and the conditions for success.

AiSight Onboarding: From Preparation to Validation

Do you want to know what it takes to start reducing unplanned downtime with AiSight? Our onboarding process is straightforward; you’ll start finding faults and reducing downtime in a matter of weeks. Read on to learn more.