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Hardware Design

Revere the Requirements: The AiSight Guide to Product Development

Requirements are the lodestone that guides the development of our predictive maintenance solution. From collection to translation, validation to verification, we constantly refer back to requirements as the constant that connects concept to reality. Read on to find out why they're so important.

Firmware: Doing the Hard Work to Make Hardware Work

Without firmware our predictive maintenance solution wouldn’t work, from our plug-and-play vibration sensors on to the algorithms that predict machine maintenance issues. So what is firmware? And how does it work?

A Hardware Startup’s Path to Getting a CE Mark

Getting a CE mark is a big step for any hardware startup. But what is a CE mark? Why is it so important? And what did we do to get certification for our predictive maintenance sensors?

Microchip shortage: how it started and its impact on Predictive Maintenance.

The fact that the microchip shortage crisis is now known to private consumers too gives us an idea of the scope of this event. As a company developing a Predictive Maintenance solution based on sensors, we rely on microchips a lot. Here's how we reacted to the crisis.