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Industrial Fans

Using the AiSight Machine Insight Center: how we manage user feedback

We're constantly evolving the new AiSight Machine Insight Center based on user feedback. Managing that feedback is critical to delivering the best predictive maintenance software. Read more to learn how our secure feedback-management system anonymously sorts and prioritizes user requests.

How predictive maintenance prevents downtime in industrial fans and blowers

Airflow is essential to industrial processes. AiSight's predictive maintenance solution keeps fans spinning and production running. Find out how predictive maintenance prevents breakdowns and reduces fan and ventilator downtime.

FFT Analysis and Machine Learning in Fan Systems - What Experts Say About Us

Some weeks ago we launched, Aion, our enhanced Machine Diagnostic tool (you can learn more about it here [https://aisight.de/en/product]). Two of its strength points are the ease of application across many different machine types and its ability to conduct pre-processing of the data it collects on