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Machine Diagnostic

FFT Analysis and Machine Learning in Fan Systems - What Experts Say About Us

Some weeks ago we launched, Aion, our enhanced Machine Diagnostic tool (you can learn more about it here). Two of its strength points are the ease of application across many different machine types and its ability to conduct pre-processing of the data it collects on the edge. Mr Horst Benderoth,

Criticality of Equipment Analysis: Laying the Foundations of Your Predictive Maintenance Strategy

Deutsche Version hier. In our previous article about maintenance, we described the strategies one can adopt to monitor assets in their plant. We also discussed Predictive Maintenance, which can help schedule maintenance procedures and allow for better asset optimization. Predictive Maintenance can have many advantages for a firm, such as

Predictive Maintenance: What It Is and How It Can Help to Improve Your Plant

Deutsche Version hier. 1943. C.H. Waddington, a scientist of the Royal Air Force, noticed that something was wrong with the aircrafts’ maintenance strategy. In fact, by collecting data on repairs and analyzing it, he discovered that breakdowns were more likely to happen after scheduled maintenance sessions. This phenomenon, which

Four Ways to Reduce the Life Cycle Cost of a Centrifugal Pump

Deutsche Version hier. The Life Cycle Cost as a metric, is as fundamental as it is complex. It is common, in scientific literature, to compare it to an iceberg; only a few elements of the whole are clearly visible, while most are hidden and difficult to identify. Like an iceberg