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The Sensirion – AiSight teammate exchange

AiSight team members can take advantage of the Sensirion – AiSight exchange program to learn, grow, and work in different cities. Read more to learn how this works!

Berlin Pride at AiSight: an open and inclusive workplace

We want AiSight to be a welcoming workplace for everyone. This is a big part of why we located in Berlin! Read on to learn about Berlin's LGBTIQ+ community, and how Berlin's open and inclusive culture figures into our company culture.

Healthy People, Healthy Machines – Meal Prep for the Workplace

The workplace has changed a lot over the last two years. But one thing about work will never change: wherever we work, we need to eat. Healthy and convenient food keeps us all happy and productive. Meal prepping is a great way to ensure we eat what we need, when we need it.

How We Work Together - Team Structure at AiSight

AiSight owes its success to the role-players on the specialized teams that make up the greater AiSight team. Find out how we work together, collaborating within and between teams, to contribute our best.