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How to Deal with Electrical Noise in Vibration-Based Smart Maintenance: An Introduction

In electronics, noise can be any unwanted form of energy that disturbs a process or communication. In Vibration-Based Smart Maintenance, noise can impact the quality of the analysis. That's why a good electronic system is designed when also the power of this unwanted element is taken into account.

Miguel Angelo Sampaio

Hardware Engineer

Why Your Machine Diagnostics Solution Needs to Be Both Hardware and Software

In the first stages of its development, AiSight found itself at a very common crossroad. Should we or should we not build our own hardware? The easiest path is to only be a software company. In this article, we will explain why it is so and what convinced us to build our own hardware anyway.

FFT Analysis and Machine Learning in Fan Systems - What Experts Say About Us

Some weeks ago we launched, Aion, our enhanced Machine Diagnostic tool (you can learn more about it here). Two of its strength points are the ease of application across many different machine types and its ability to conduct pre-processing of the data it collects on the edge. Mr Horst Benderoth,

Four Ways to Reduce the Life Cycle Cost of a Centrifugal Pump

Deutsche Version hier. The Life Cycle Cost as a metric, is as fundamental as it is complex. It is common, in scientific literature, to compare it to an iceberg; only a few elements of the whole are clearly visible, while most are hidden and difficult to identify. Like an iceberg