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AiSight’s predictive maintenance and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs)—what’s faster than the future? FMCGs don’t have a secondto spare. These products hit the shelves now or not at all.Production interruptions for unforeseen maintenance are not partof the plan. Get out in front of maintenance issues, with AiSight.


sensors installed


faults detected within the first 12 month


of total savings due to prevented production downtime


months to ROI

Machines and Failures

Value & Benefits


Products On The Shelf

FMCGs are high-turnover products—they fly off the shelf as fast as they arrive. Keeping production running means you keep shelves stocked with your products, not your competitor’s.



Edible goods are perishable and need to be sanitary. Avoiding breakdowns means avoiding spoiling and sanitation issues which could ruin a batch or worse, trigger recalls or plant shutdowns.


Prevent Bottle Jams

Bottling thousands of beverages an hour is an act of precision. Keep this delicate process in motion to avoid the jams that can reduce production to zero bottles, each and every hour.


Asset Care Optimization

Optimally, your equipment should produce as much as possible for as long as possible. Predictive maintenance allows you to maximize efficiency while allowing for the maintenance necessary to keep your machines running.


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94 Aion sensors were installed on critical machines at Henkel’s plant in Montornès del Vallès

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