Metal Industry

AiSight’s predictive maintenance in the metal industry: the model of machine health. The metal industry is heavily automated, deploying high-tech machines capable of efficiently and accurately reproducing parts. The precision demanded of this kind of manufacturing leaves little room for poor machine health. At the same time, contaminants produced during the production process can introduce further problems down the line. Prevent problems—find the solution first, with AiSight.


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Machines and Failures

Industrial Ovens

The industrial ovens used in the metal industry are as varied as their functions, but whether treating metal or curing coatings, they use fans and motors to keep air and material in motion.

Faults we detect:


Bearing Faults


At high temperatures, broken or contaminated fan blades are a reality that can negatively affect the delicate processes at work.

Washing Systems

These remove debris, paint, oil, metal burrs, and other contaminants from machines and machined parts using pumped solvents, scrubbers, or vibrations.

Faults we detect:


Bearing Faults


Contaminants washed away from parts are prone to becoming contaminants within washing systems; subsequent breakdowns in washing systems leave contaminants on parts.

CNC Machines

CNC machines are computer-aided machining tools that manipulate cutting tools on multiple axes, producing machined parts.

Faults we detect:

Spindle faults

Bearing Faults

CNC machines are efficient, safe, and accurate producers—with proper setup, including regular maintenance.

Value & Benefits


Efficient use of materials

From the subtractive process of machining, to the additive process of coating, machine faults lead to substandard production and wasted materials.


Asset care optimization

Cutting parts wear out and break. Plan necessary repairs ahead and keep machines operating at their best.


Reduced production slowdowns

Delays for unplanned maintenance are delays to production. Keep every part of every machine healthy, and production can continue.

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