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AiSight’s machine maintenance solution in the textile industry: it just fits. There are a lot of moving parts in textile production. Put them together and they create cloth by the kilometer. Pluck out one part, though, and the whole process unravels. But now, with AiSight, the textile industry can predict maintenance issues before they happen.


from avoiding unplanned breakdown


maintenance costs savings


efficiency loss prevented

Results achieved in one month with 62 sensors installed

Machines and Failures

Dyeing Machines

Dyeing machines are efficient and economical, minimizing both dyeing time and the amount of dye necessary.

Faults we detect:


Bearing faults

Dyers should deliver even dye levels by keeping, dye, textiles, or both in constant motion.

Drying Machines

Stenters dry materials to reduce future shrinkage by moving tensioned material through a chamber fed by hot air blowers.

Faults we detect:


Bearing faults


To work properly, it’s vital that both rollers and fans keep material and air moving.


Mangle pressure and speed affect outcomes across multiple processes, from dyeing to drying.

Faults we detect:

Bearing faults

Mangle pressure and speed affect outcomes across multiple processes, from dyeing to drying.

Value & Benefits


Production quality

Textile production requires multiple synchronized processes to work in perfect balance. Functioning properly, dyers avoid creasing and other dye irregularities, while stenters can reduce future shrinkage to less than 5%.


Efficient use of materials

For business and environmental reasons, the textile industry is under pressure to reduce consumption and waste—according to the World Bank, the industry produces roughly 20% of the world’s industrial water pollution. Properly functioning dyeing machines are energy and water efficient, using a dye ratio as low as 5%.


Reduced production slowdown

Imbalanced equipment can delay production. Bearing faults can grind production to a halt. Detect faults when they first develop, and production keeps on rolling.

What our customers say

Without the AiSight system we would not have been warned. We would not have maintained the system in time and it might have failed completely unexpectedly a little later in the week.

Carl-Meiser GmbH & CO.KG

Jens Meiser


Case Studies & Whitepapers

Carl Meiser x AiSight: Digitalisierung der textilherstellenden und -verarbeitenden Industrie

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