Easily monitor the performance of your equipment

With the new AiSight sensor node that gathers data in real-time and delivers it to a single, clear Machine Insight Center.

Plant Management At Your Fingertips

The real-time Machine Insight Center will provide you with clear, actionable insights. Access it from a desktop, mobile, or tablet anywhere in the world. Customize your alerts and make sure you know when your machines fall out of peak performance.

Our Sensor Node is All You Need

Mount the AiSight sensor node on your machine in 3 minutes. Using magnets or screws, installation is simple. No training or specific expertise is needed.

Advanced Analytics

If your machine is not working properly, the first symptoms will be abnormal vibrations. The high-frequency bands of the AiSight solution will detect even the smallest deviations. The sensor node also keeps track of temperature, speed, and magnetic field.

Real-Time Machine Monitoring

Our sensor node is embedded with Wi-Fi microprocessors to facilitate the pre-processing of raw data. You will monitor your machine in real-time, but with reduced data traffic. No Wi-Fi in the production hall? We’ve got you covered with our LTE gateway.

Scalability And Data Security

Our machine learning algorithms rely on a database of typical errors of similar machines. Calibrating our solution to your equipment is seamless. And you can count on data control and data security every step of the way.

Instant Alerts

Gain control over your machines seamlessly. When there is an anomaly, alerts will not only be displayed in the Machine Insight Center, but they will also be sent to you via e-mail and/or text.

How it works

1. Connect the AiSight sensor node to the machine

2. Let the sensor identify the normal state of your machine

3. Gain comprehensive performance visibility through the Machine Insight Center


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