AiSight: Unlimited Machine Uptime

Eliminate machine downtime with our innovative sensor node capable of monitoring your industrial machines 24/7 in real-time. Forget about unplanned downtime – schedule maintenance operations when it best suits your machine’s needs.


increase in machine


reduction in
unplanned downtime


reduction in
maintenance cost


improvement in
forecasting accuracy

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Better Machine Performance Means Better Plant Performance.

Did you know that machine breakdowns and downtime account for 20% of total production costs?

AiSight is an innovative solution driven by AI technology that allows you to prevent downtime, measure the efficiency of your machines without lifting a finger, and thus maximize machine uptime. Identify optimal production cycles, manage performance, and predict machine breakdowns all in real-time.

Increase Equipment Reliability

Uptime will become the norm, thanks to the continuous monitoring that our sensor provides. Our analysis ranges from anomaly detection, to full-fledged machine diagnostics. You will be able to predict machine breakdowns up to 3 months in advance with comprehensive insight into the root cause.

Machine Diagnostics Made Simple

Reducing downtime, maintenance costs and production waste has never been easier. Installing the AiSight sensor only takes 3 minutes and in no time at all, you can bank on increased uptime and peak machine and plant performance.

What our customers say about us

Without the AiSight system we would not have been warned. We would not have maintained the system in time and it might have failed completely unexpectedly a little later in the week.

Carl-Meiser GmbH & CO.KG

Jens Meiser

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