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What's next for the AiSight Machine Insight Center: feedback to the future

We're working on even more improvements to AiSight's Machine Insight Center—all based on feedback from our users. Read on to learn about the future of our next-generation predictive maintenance software, and how you can shape it.

Since launch a month ago, the AiSight Machine Insight Center (MIC) has been providing our predictive maintenance solution’s users with early warning of machine failures and machine insights they can count on, all in a fast, intuitive, and scalable software package.

This is exactly what we wanted because this is exactly what our users wanted! But it’s not all that our users want. That’s still to come.

In previous parts of this series, we looked at how rebuilding our predictive maintenance solution’s software from the ground up would create opportunities for feature growth. That’s what we’re working on now. Over the next several months, we’ll be implementing the features our users want—features that we weren’t able to incorporate in the old dashboard, but can now build into the MIC.

Given that these features are still works in progress, they haven’t assumed their final forms.

What they eventually look like is, once again, up to feedback from our users.

That’s why we always want user feedback on the MIC. Let us know what you love, what you don’t, and what you’d love to see. And let us know what you think about these upcoming features! Your feedback will help us make the best Machine Insight Center possible.

New features in the Machine Insight Center

The MIC already includes several new features. We’ve built in visually impactful alert severity information for quick reference. Based on how users like to view machine-health data, we’ve also enabled inter-sensor graph comparisons.

Users wanted a handy user interface; we provided. The Machine Insight Center is now optimized for mobile use—machine insights go where you go. You can now check graphs and even resolve alerts directly from the shop floor.  Meanwhile, the new dark mode saves eye strain, extends the battery life of your device, and looks great. And the whole thing is faster and fundamentally works better.

Finally, we’ve included a built-in function to provide feedback. We welcome you to use it! If you'd prefer to talk with us directly, your customer success representative will always be available. Whichever way you provide feedback, what matters is that you do.

That feedback will determine how we shape the next new features in the MIC.

What’s next for the Machine Insight Center?

We’re currently working on the following new features for the Machine Insight Center. These are far from the end of the line for future feature enrichment, but these are what you can expect us to implement soon.

Visualized alerts in graphs

This feature will connect alert details to the spot in the graph corresponding to when the alert was sent. That means that users will be able to map the change of vibration on the graph to the diagnostics delivered by our solution.

Machine Diary

The Machine Diary will provide users with the complete history of their machines.  Users will be able to log machine events for everything from conducted maintenance to changes in production processes. It’s not always clear what changes will contribute to unforeseen issues down the line. Tracking machine histories is the best way to contextualize changes and identify correlations.

This has a big payout in the quality of predictions our solution can make. With historical data, we'll be able to detect chronic problems and broaden the scope of our monitoring.

Editing options

Our users have asked for more flexibility in how they organize and name sensors and machines within the Machine Insight Center. We are working on handing that level of control over to our users.


We provide a complete, turn-key predictive maintenance solution. This satisfies the needs of many of our customers, allowing them to quickly reap the benefits of our solution.  But we fully understand the importance of integrating our solution into other systems; we have, therefore, been diligently working on making that easier.

To that end, we have several improvements on the way.

First, we've been working on integration with SAP Asset Performance Management (APM), a cloud-based tool that converges maintenance strategy and execution. This adds vibration-based predictive maintenance to APM's portfolio of asset-monitoring tools, and means that AiSight alerts will appear directly in APM.

The second is single sign on (SSO). Customers who prefer to authenticate using SSO will soon have that option. Everyone else will still be able to use our classic, credentials-based sign in.

We're also working on a feature that will allow customers to stream data from the MIC to any system that supports streaming. Finally, we're planning to provide our customers with an API that they can consume to fulfill their integration requirements.

Permissions management options

User permissions are important for protecting sensitive information while making vital machine insights widely available. They also streamline workflows, allowing teams responsible for certain machines to eliminate irrelevant alerts from other machines, outside of their realm of responsibility. This also extends to production teams, who benefit from read-only access to machine insights and alerts, but who won't take maintenance action themselves.

This feature will make using the Machine Insight Center more efficient, even with thousands of sensors in use.

Let us know what you need

We’re excited to implement these new features. We hope you are too!

As a Machine Insight Center user, you stand to benefit from every new feature. We want to make sure that you realize that benefit. So, let us know what you think. What are you looking forward to? What could we do better? What have we not even thought of? The future is yours.

If you aren’t using the Machine Insight Center yet, why not get started?

For those who are using the MIC, thank you for your support! We look forward to hearing from you, whether through the feedback function, or with a scheduled call.